Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pens In the Name of Charity

To be blunt... I am running the Philadelphia marathon for a great cause and am asking for audience participation.  The cause is Alex's Lemonade Stand.  If you don't know about the foundation.  Here's a link.  Rather than going door to door to each of you shaking a can and asking for spare change, I thought I would do a few giveaways with all proceeds going to Alex's!  Two stone.  YOU love paper pens and art stuff.. and I want to raise money to help the cause.

It's simple: donate anything, send along a nice comment or share this link out to social media and I will get you in the running for the giveaways.. What's the first giveaway?  Well August is this:

August Prize Pack!

At the end of the month I will ship prizepack #1: The bottle of Eclat De Saphire, the Moleskine and the Sweet Old Sheaffer School fountain pen (that has a really cool see through blue barrel) to a randomly picked winner.  This isn't a silent, highest bidder auction...anything will get you in the running even sharing out this link on facebook or social media...just let me know what you have done.    If you don't win this month, just wait...  I have some AMAZING sponsors dropping off some incredible prize packs. (Think handmade, wooden and spectacular.) entering now will get you in the running for every month through November!  No need to re-donate unless you want to.  

You can donate on my page here: and then just shoot me an email to letting me know who you are and I will follow up if you are (again) randomly picked.  Simple right?  Any amount is good,  dollars are helpful. If you don't win this month, stay tuned.
Here's an idea! If you can just spare $4.00, that's only a dollar a month for a chance at 4 great prize packs. (and they will be great!) or again,  just leave me a friendly pressure.

I will continue to do reviews and post updates along the way. Thanks again, your generosity and your comments are appreciated! I also have a few kinda crazy ideas that I will roll out also to make this fun.