Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Favorite New Mini

Mini post. Mini pen. I like a .4 pen that feels like a .3.  It is rare but it happens. Meet the Hi~Tec C Slim Knock. It's been a great travel pen, small enough that I can just throw it in my journal and close it with only a small bump.
I like mini pens... they're different, they're odd, they kind of barely fit my hand but I always keep them around because they are different.
I will be ordering many more refills on this one and I see it staying in the daily rotation.
Have a great Fourth of July everybody. I will get a full review out on this one later and thanks again.


Seth Goodling said...

Posted completely from my Thunderbolt by the way.

Dad To Liberty, Lover of Pens said...

I didn't say it in your return post I don't think, but welcome back.

My wife LOVES her Thunderbolt. I don't understand it, but people love different things. I'd personally trade in my Bionic for a Droid 4 if I could, because no matter what, I can't get used to a virtual keyboard. But sadly they're apparently going extinct.

I wish I could like shorter pens, but I can't. I would love to have a retractable Hi-Tec-C...

By the way, if you're interested, I started a new format on my blog where I do a different post every day of the week. On Tuesday's, I do pen/paper reviews. Today is the Uni-Ball Signo Bit 0.18 pen. Hope you'll come over and check it out.