Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moleskine Destruction!

I am working on an amazing Moleskine project that I can't post about until after tomorrow and it is killing me.  So good.

Have a great Holiday.



The Original Steven H! said...

I cant wait to see it! Merry christmas

savannah said...

merry christmas, sugarplum! xo

Anonymous said...

It's Christmas now! Post it!

Seth said...

The ruling was that I am putting these up on Etsy. Stay tuned.


Derrick said...

10 days later...

Seth said...

I know! Working on these and launching a bunch at one time. It might be a week or two but I am pretty excited about it. New posts coming also!

The Original Steven H! said...

any updates on this would be appreciated. I'm wondering what could be so awesome that you have to take a moleskin and destroy it

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