Monday, October 24, 2011

Uni Pin 0.05.. like write on rice

Every now and then, I like a thin line. Not literally...I mean the way a pen writes. Imagine the thinnest pen you like... then cut that in half...then do it two or three more times. That's how I like to write sometimes.  This is another find from Copenhagen that I bought multiples of.  I didn't even need to write a test to know this was a good one.  Welcome to the Uni Pin Fine Line Water and Fade Proof 0.05
Yes,  that is a piece of rice. (like "write" on rice... hello...I am doing this word magic for you.) I love the fact that if I would hand this pen to most people they would:  A.  Smudge the point into a clump right away.   B.  Play pin the tail on the donkey with the paper. C. Stab me in the eye with it because I am freaking that they would do A. or B or all of the above. 

0.05...those are some magical numbers.  that little 0 in front of the 5 and after the . makes a world of difference. and Pigmented ink!  What's that you ask?  Well I stole this info from the internets:

Pigmented ink particles tend to settle into the tiny fibers that make up the paper. As the ink drys, the pigment particles get stuck in the fibers. Thus, the pigmented inks are more water resistant than the dye-based inks. Only about 5 to 10 percent of the ink will re-flow if the paper is hit by water.  
Yeah,  I don't know what that means either.  But I do know that I don't think there's "too thin" when it comes to pens.  I have picked up some inking pens before and thought "whoa, little thin there"  but in the end,  I am sure I would take a chance on it.  I would much rather take my time with a .05 than with a .7 globbing it's way through the paper. 
This pen is exactly what you expect,  nice and light, perfect ink and even a  little window to see what color ink you are rocking. I could see this for my sketchbook rather than for my journal. I think it was only a couple bucks and I will never pass that up for this type of pen. 
As always, click for a larger and better views and sorry, I didn't feel like breaking out the tripod to shoot these. Not my best photography tonight.  I love this proverb.  It was tough finding a thin quote without offending anyone. It's true though...there's no use quietly breaking the rules. 
I have received tons of mail about the Pilot Explorers.  Thanks everyone.  Glad to know I wasn't a man on an island with this one.  Just to clarify though... I am not the Johnny Appleseed of the Explorers and I am not giving them away to people.  I gave one away to the correct guess on what I found and I probably will fire one off to Brad at Pen Addict just because,  but other than that...make me a deal and we can make a trade.   I didn't find a creative place to get these through customs for nothing. (that's another joke people... or is it?)

Enjoy your day.



Dad To Liberty, Lover of Pens said...

Since I don't want to insult you with an offer that's too low, could you email me at, or leave a comment anywhere on my site,

I really would like to try one of the Explorer's out, and now, I want to try one of these Uni pens.

I thought once I found the wonderful world of fountain pens, I wouldn't go back, but there seems to be quite a few great pens that I haven't tried yet, so I'm going back and forth now.

ginigin said...

The Queen of Extra-Extra-Extra fine lines would love to know where you found the .05 Uni Pin. My kingdom (or is that queendom) for one of those pens!!

MJ said...

i got mine at least i think it looks like his pen..

Anita Rose said...

Does anybody remember back in the 90s when malls would have these kiosks where an artist would write your name on a grain of rice, and put it in a tiny vase with oil in it, and put it on a necklace? This reminds me of that.

Wally the Swamp Rat said...

After reading the review of the Uni Pin Fine Line I started to feel faint. I make Zentangles and thin very important. If I don't find a couple of thise pens, I will curl up and die!
Wally the Swamp Rat