Saturday, October 29, 2011

Parker Jotter Mechanical Pencil

Every now and then, for no particular reason, when I buy pens (or pencils)  I will put a 2 in that order box or grab a second before I head to the checkout. Sometimes it's a mistake and sometimes it pays off.  One of my favorite "2" purchases ever was a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon this Parker (and its mate.) It's so good that I am glad that I have a backup of this one. I have been known to lose pens and having an extra tucked away in good hands is comforting.
This is the the Parker Jotter Mechanical Pencil and it is kinda perfect for me- and this is coming from someone who generally prefers pens to pencils most of the time.  The size of the pencil is just right and even though I prefer a .4 pencil,  this .5 with good lead does the job. The click mechanics are smooth and it fits well in my hand.
Of course there's an eraser although I keep a few stand alone erasers on my desk to keep from wearing this down. (yep, Anal Andy.)  As of right now,  this is the only pencil in my computer bag and it's really all I need. The Parker name to me means quality and knowing that this pencil has the potential to last for 50 or 100 years is pretty incredible if it's anything like the Parker Fountains that I have.
Here's the deal.  I have some really nice mechanicals...and I mean fancy expensive mechanical pencils that do not travel with me and are sort of unused. It's a shame but I don't really have a specific need for them unless I am doing art or doodling at home. I should use pencils more,  but you know.. it's not called Good Pencils. Keeping one in my travel bag is common though and this one is it.
For those of you that are's a Pomelo, an Asian Grapefruit. I don't really like them that much.  They are sort of a lot of work and the payoff for flavor isn't that great.  I think it's funny that Wiki even says in Assam they use it as a soccer ball.  (That tells you all you need to know about the flavor.) And to be honest I have no idea where Assam is but I feel connected with them. I would get more use out of this as a soccer ball also.
Click for better views.  It is sort of silly to do a writing test with a pencil,  but here you are. I doubt that Gilbert Parker has any relations to the Parker Pen Family but it works for the quote. If I need a pencil,  this is the one that I am reaching for and I couldn't be happier with it.

Having a backup of your favorite pens is a good thing and one that can payoff in the end.  Enjoy the weekend.  Also...the Pen Addict just put up his Ink Links here if you haven't seen it yet.

 Come back tomorrow for a fun contest- I just need to come up with the prize and I can post it.



Anonymous said...

Assam is a state in india

Anonymous said...
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Seth said...

Thanks for the info on Assam. Just gave them another shout out in my contest.

John the Monkey said...

I have a stainless steel jotter MP - not one I use an awful lot (I much prefer 0.9mm or 0.7mm leads) but reliable and definitely a daily carry.

Larissus said...

Thanks for the review - sounds like a potential companion for my Jotter Ballpoint...

BTW: Couldn't agree more on the Pomelo business - I still haven't found a reason to buy a second one. :-)

Rory Fugerson said...

Thanks for this wonderful info. Steel jotter MP would be great for long lasting mechanical pencils.

poona said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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climber said...

Nice review. Jotters are classic pens/pencils. I wish they offered 0.7mm which does not break easily when you write with it.

Andrew Eden said...

Hang on to those! It would appear that Parker has discontinued the Jotter pencils with the plastic lower section(you can, of course, still get the ballpoint pens like this). The pencils are now only available with the all-stainless barrel, which is a very classy look as well!

maria disuja said...
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