Monday, September 26, 2011

JZ Designs Key Pen

Lately,  even as much as I love my #dailyarsenal-- that I admit has some disposibles in it....I have interests in the not so traditional pens.  The ones that you have to seek out to own or to gift or to write with and this one fits those bills perfectly. The more permanent the better.  It's a fun trade off... carefully spending the extra money wisely on items that you want to keep and maintain and enjoy vs. buying crap that you could care less about.

This gem is one of keepers. Welcome the key Pen from JZ Design.  I have said it before,  but pens that designed to be kept and used and cherished already rank a lot higher to me than the traditional trash it and forget about it as soon as it starts skipping plastic pens.  This world can use things that are not at all disposable. I hate losing things and there are certain things that I make sure I want to keep as close as possible because I don't want them to go away.

I know I shot this pen backwards,  it should be reversed so that the JZ logo is facing the correct way,  Sorry...but old habits die hard.  By the way, I do appreciate the thought that went into this.  Did you know that the little dangly piece that goes into the lock is called a Bit?  Now you do. Nice touch.
More Bits

I also like a pen that you can "unbox." In this case...two refills and those are very much appreciated.  There's just a pile of stuff here that adds up to a quality pen built right and ready to go.  Too often a gift pen gets forgotten about about because a refill can sometimes be too hard to order a refill. Odd right?  Including them saves time and keeps this one used more.
Voila,  with a twist of the Bow (that the loopy part on the far left) out spins the writing portion of this pen. (You are so much smarter now for even reading this post.)  It's called research and it's all for you. 

Key..get it?  I try.  I admire a designer who takes the time and the energy to put together a solid product with a bit of thinking behind it. Fun to write with, fun to shoot and a Good Pen.



JZ said...

Wow, Seth, you flatter me. The pictures, the history, the writing, what a beautiful review of my pen. I have been collecting old keys for some time and thought metaphorically a key pen could open up the imagination of those who picked it up. I think keys are a symbol of education, since unlocking new doors can be the greatest joy in life. The unknown can be exhilarating.Great blog! Thanks for you kind words and support.
Jac Zagoory Designs

Nicholas Stockbridge said...

Hey! I came across this pen and think its pretty sweet! My mom has been running a Pen of the month club. I was wondering where we could get some?