Monday, September 12, 2011


Pen people are also doodlers correct?  You have pens,  you have paper...naturally you want to use the two items together.  Drawing for me is a normal part of my day.  If my phone rings- I grab a pen to take notes, but inevitably- I will cover the paper with drawings and 1% phone call related content.  I am listening.. I am just also doodling. (trust me.)

10 times out of 10 they hit the trash can.  A few years ago I was riding a train about 3 hours a day and was cranking out some decent doodles and saved some of those, but normally my stuff gets tossed aside. I have done some pieces for people and really enjoy them (there's a pointillism AK-47 hanging up somewhere in Boston that I loved to create.(don't ask)

Sometimes I get inspired by a house:

Or a song: This one has been clanging around my head for a few days now.  Powerful stuff.
You only need to go back a post or two to hear about my Bon Iver addiction. To me, music eases the mind, I can think and draw and listen to music and don't expect perfection from my work.  I also generally don't care about paper, just that the pen puts down the line or a dot I need.  I never expect to need any sort of archival quality anything.
Click for bigger views.  Not perfect, and not a care. I did it for me and that's all really.
For this one...sometimes I grabbed a ruler, or just free-handed it.  The pen is a Pentel CeramicMicron 500 II 02.  The paper is normal typing paper that I just tweaked a bit to look a little more antiqued in the photos. And no,  I am not saying you need to go doodle to relax. Some people juggle, some people close their eyes and imagine themselves dancing  in a sea of dolphins being played piano to by Yanni. (Freaks.) 


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