Monday, March 28, 2011

24 karat Club Mechanical Pencil

For being a fairly young dude (ish.)  I have a sincere love for older pens and pencils. Don't bother asking why,  it might be that they simply just aren't disposable. There's a REASON why they didn't end up in a trash heap. Someone at some point held onto the pen or pencil and decided it was worth keeping.

Here's one.

The mechanical pencil says...

Tenth Annual Banquet of the Jewelers' 24 karat Club of Pittsburgh
William Penn Hotel- April 5th, 1921

Yeah... so Googling didn't really help.  I found a current 24 Karat club of Southern California,  but the only reference for Pittsburgh was in an Obituary.  So this club decided to give out mechanical pencils for something during their 10th Annual Banquet.  Oh yeah... Sterling silver mechanical pencils.

Next Tuesday night when you are having dinner or watching Housewives or whatever you do...think about 1921 a bunch of Jewelry loving fools were gathering in a small room staring at their pinky rings and tossing a sweet pencil into their pockets.  1921.  Before the end of the FIRST World War.

I haven't put lead in this,  I cleaned it up a little,  but I don't really feel the need to write with this one.  Maybe one day.  But probably not. All the bits still work on this and it has a great feel to it.
OK,  who's the wiseguy that decided to go all tom-foolery and put actual carrots on the pencil. Oh and yes there are 24 carrots. Wiseguy.

Good Pens. (and non-pens)


Anonymous said...

On this planet, most people think the First World War ended with the Armistice of November 11, 1918 and the Treaty of Versailles which was signed on June 28, 1919.

Nice post, otherwise.

Seth said...

Some people (even on this planet) believe that the formal end of WW1 was August 25, 1921 when the US formally declared peace with Germany. but I am not here to argue.

Kagemusha said...

No, I believe the end of World War I actually took place a few months ago... believe it or not, Germany finished paying reparations as per Treaty of Versailles I believe it was January. Apparently, it wasn't an important enough for it to be front page news... I mean, with Charlie Sheen running amok, who has time for real news? :-)

Beautiful, insightful and worth visiting (again and again) blog! Great job!

susiewilson78 said...

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Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome pencil. My Dad has found it's twin. We wanted to find a value but can't find a lot of information.

Seth Goodling said... love to see a picture of it.