Thursday, March 18, 2010

Journal 21...a planner review!

The good folks over at The Quo Vais Blog sent this planner out late last year and I bet they thought that I forgot about it. No way.'s a preface to this post. I am not a daily planner guy in the traditional "write it all down" sense...because of my work, I have to be tied to an electronic calendar. There aren't enough Getting Things Done seminars in the world that could figure out a way for me to accuratly keep two separate calendars matched if one is written with a pen. I simply don't have that functionality. That being said, what I do have is a need to track lots of items. Like: miles and expenses and calls and how many times a day Janet goes to the bathroom. (that would be funny and hurtful, except that I work from home.) Ehh...still funny.

But here I was, saddled with a journal that impressed me from the start. 1. It has some heft to it. It just feels substantial. 2. The paper is magical.

I will let the experts go over the details:

16 months monthly, September 2009 to December 2010
12 months daily, January to December
8 AM to 9 PM schedule
Soft green tinted vellum paper
72g, acid-free and pH neutral paper
Annual planning calendars for 2010 and 2011
Current and following month calendars
Elegant round corners — tear-off corner opens to day in progress
Sewn binding, lays flat when open
Full line per half-hour
Blank space for daily notes
Bound in address book

You know what, there isn't one of those things that I disagree with. (and I have a little man crush on a few of those up there.)

So I don't tend to fill it up. I add things daily, but I am not sure I am using this as it is intended. Sure it reminds me of things and tracks items but I see this as a planner for someone who REALLY uses a planner. starts to crumble if the planner gets lost. Those people are still out there.

The good news is...that it is vacumatic and I love it. (no that's not the good news.) The good news is that it works on this paper. It's true, a journal that you can use your sloppiest fountain pens on. So go nuts! You can make this picture larger and try to figure out what I do during the day, but it's mostly like Nicholas Cage in Windtalkers....some sort of Navajo-like clicky sounds that would be impossible for the enemy to decipher.  (Whew, that took a bit longer to explain that I needed.)

So, pop are called to a meeting in D.C. and you have 5 minutes to pack for a day trip. (not tottly unrealistic for me) What do YOU take? Here are the 4 things that I would grab to handle the meeting. Maybe a power cord also, but if I am limited to 4 items I can handle it for a while.

Bottom line, great journal, you can buy it here and I am glad I get the chance to use it.

I didn't have a quote in the journal so I will leave you with this one:

A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.
- Confucius

Planning...get it?
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midlakewinter said...

5 minute packing:
gum, earplugs, ipod, camera, black pen, blue pen & my bobo "notebook" filled with clipped together recycled paper (i know you know the one).

Alex said...

Man, I wish I could work from home. Do you mind if I ask what industry you are in, so that I can make a career change? I would love to have my own coffee, facilities, and office supplies nearby + saving on transportation time and gas. Oh, and this planner is sweet, too.

openmind said...

this planner and pen set looks good with one of the wholesale handbags my business minded friend shopped for last week

sharon said...

What model of pen is that?

Jen said...

thats a nice looking planner -- I like how it stays open without much trouble. The one I use now will not stay open when you put it down...very annoying.

Daisy said...

I'm another work-from-homer and definitely like using both electronic and paper planning. I will schedule work out a month in advance on my computer. But I still like to jot down my notes for what I need to accomplish the next day before I go to bed every night. There's just something about putting a to do list in a planner that makes it seem more real.

That's an awful lot of blank space left in your daily planner. Maybe you should take up doodling. Hate to see all that pretty paper go to waste!

Daisy McCarty
San Diego Office Furniture

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of your blog and I really like this planner. I'm a moleskine kinda girl myself.

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Anonymous said...

What's this phone? :)