Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 of 2009. # 5 and #4

#5 is simply...Pens in wrappers.....Sing along... These are a few of my favorite things.

A pen in a wrapper means something special to me. It's not a fancy box or a felt bag---but it means "pen goodness". It's rare that I find a pen wrapped in cellophane that isn't a favorite or in my rotation. You find these buried in the best part of the Japanese stationary stores and chances are I have worn a hole in the carpet from standing there staring at the various ink color and other selections. (Tester pens almost made this list as well.) These pens are made to be ripped from their plastic and used as soon as possible.

#4 The Pilot Hi-Tec -C 03 in black

I love thin-lined paper and a fat honking medium point anything will not cut it for me there. I need a pen that if I am not careful will poke through the paper like a needle. This will poke nicely.

It's thin, but it's not delicate. One of my reviews is here if you are interested. I need to have this pen close to me when I am working, I am one of those people who writes in my books (they are my books, leave me alone) and these are perfect for a quick note on the edge to remind me or to highlight something.

Yes, that is a normal sized dime. Click for a better view, this is how I like it to use it. Small and Neat. Tidy.

It's just right for me and I thought about moving this up 1 notch, but if I am going to have to write a ton of stuff, this might not be the first one I would grab. But it has it's purpose and it is a staple pen of mine.

3, 2, and 1 are coming right up!


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Adrienne said...

Could you tell me how this compares to the Pilot P-500??

I am rather addicted to the P-500 because it doesn't "wet the nest" (bleed)

Adrienne said...

Ok - read your review - .03 sounds lovely.

lionsze said...

glad to see that Hi-Tec-C made it on your top 10 list!!!
my favourite is 0.4 :)
0.3 sometimes scratches paper :)

Dina said...

I like the .3 best

Daisy said...

That's a lovely super-fine point Pilot. Hopefully you haven't poked any holes in the pages of your books. Making margin notes is acceptable but actually mangling the pages is an abomination! BTW, I've only known a couple of people who can write that tiny. They were both far-sighted.

I can think of a couple of office applications for a pen that fine. QC often needs to be able to mark labels and having a pen that retains clarity with ultra-small lettering would be great.

Daisy McCarty
San Diego Office Furniture

Anonymous said...

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