Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colibri and Gift pens

As always, click for better views....I am a huge fan of gifting pens. (I am also a fan of receiving gifted pens.) If you divide things evenly and say that there are 2 groups 1. Pen Lovers and 2. People that use pens because they have to...then it gets very interesting when group 1. buys for Group 2. or vice-versa. I think about that scene in the 2000 classic Meet the Parents where Ben Stiller's character gives a rare Jerusalem tulip to Robert De Niro's character and he has no idea what he was just given. Things could get awkward quickly. Suddenly a Parker 51 gets thrown in the back of drawer never to be seen again.

Engraving the initials on a pen is a nice touch. The odd thing is, I have more pens with OTHER peoples initials on them than with my own. Anytime I can use 3 little initials to let the world know that the pen I am loaning them is not theirs...I am happy. This pen (for a company that makes lighters) actually has a nice balance to it and is nice to write with. I have always loved black pens and I have a pile of refills for this one and it usually travels with me.

I hold on to the pens that I love to write with, but my friends know I can deliver a steady stream of pens to them from the ones that did not make the cut. They might appreciate a fat goopy .9 that I would never use. Technically I guess that is not gifting...but it's the thought that counts rights? Next time I will put a bow on it.
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Shade said...

That's why when my longtime romantic liason complained that I gave a "random friend" some fountain pens(truth be told, they were not only old but I absolutely hated writing with both of them--they cramped up my hands).
So to shut him up, he gets to test out a Lanbitou and I'm passing some Hero's onto him once I get them.(despite him already testing out my preppy and others, and saying "I don't see the big deal"). He still doesn't get the point of fountain pens, despite me taking the time to explain to him that it's like LP records VS. CD's(he COLLECTS LP records), in terms of experience and uniqueness, and ease of use as well.
But he uses ballpoints(cringe), the cheap clear Bic ones, so I'm hoping to convert him.
That said, it's also interesting when group no. 2 buys for no. 1. The same friend I mentioned above never quite knows what to get me, so I pointed him to, and said "search keyword 'moleskine', get me $15 worth and I'll be a happy girl"
But yes. you also mentioned castoffs. Hee. I usually toss out the blue pens from all my sets--I NEVER use them, Blue is just not my color. Black, Purple, Red, Green, Orange, all used, but not blue. I've just got an aversion to it. The only blue I do use is the signo bit blue from the pens I got. But mostly blue sits alone and dejected most of the time, unused. I have something around 6 blue pens just floating around my pen cups.

Andrew said...

What type of imprinting do you prefer for personalized pens? I've heard that black-on-black is a nice, subtle way of customizing pens.

Seth said...

Andrew, I am a fan of just keeping the inscriptions subtle. If the pen material allows, yes, black on black rocks. Shade, thanks for the comments, maybe I should start a pen sharing page where we all can trade/giveaway our "non favorites'

Shade said...

Yeah, I've thought about that before. Local and non-local groups would be awesome, but I imagine the biggest issue would be people coming to the swaps expecting to take away a ton of free pens(without giving any).
But besides that, meh. I've been thinking about hosting a giveaway for some of the pens I never ever use, or bought for only one reason, and never used again -guilty look- I already -have- the things, I just would need to foot the postage.
Eh, I'm not sure I want to suddenly gain a ton of followers because I did a giveaway. Could be messy.
If the trade/swap ever happens, lemme know, I will totally jump in on it, for notebooks, pens, etc.

Mike said...

I think laser engraving always adds a nice touch to pens, especially if it's a really nice pen.

Jennifer said...

I always get Personalized Pens for my employees around Christmas season. They all seem to like them quite much.