Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sign Pen

When I did my little "only write with a fountain pen experiment in April" (code named OWWAFPEIA) I had two issues, I missed my whiteboards and I really missed using my sign pens. A quick search will show some individual reviews on most of then pens but I don't think I ever put them all in one pile to admire and I actually forgot my Sanford 20/20 here.

The Pentels are definitely my favorites. Sorry, it's just the way it is. The tip wears down to a perfectly usable stub and its rare when a pen gets better (for me) the more you use it. The Zebra is cool and the Preppy has a replaceable cartridge that I cannot wait to throw some good ink into. The Bravo (obviously) was a good one also, I need to see if I can refill this one or just buy some more.

Lists, note taking, doodling, I almost always travel with a few of these and I can always find a need. The Pentel was Time Magazines product of the year in 1963. How could you not love it?

It's hard for me to walk by these in a store and not grab a handful. They are habit forming. I might go tackle that Bravo to see if I can get some good ink flowing.

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Steve said...

I have refilled the Bravo. You have to remove the front tip with a pliers--then drip ink into the barrel. You would think to remove the end cap but there is a false bottom--you don't get as much ink as you think.

bangsarethenewblack said...

I love the Pentel sign pen. Great pen with such a classic, retro design. I can imagine Don Draper getting it of his desk drawer, which is really the best endorsement I can give any office supply.

Anonymous said...

I've looked over many past entries but cannot intuit a satisfactory definition of "sign pen" form the context.

Many years ago. I would have assumed it was for making signs but any pen can perform the task.

david boise ID