Monday, June 8, 2009

Mystery Pen

I love getting mail from you guys and a pen finding request came through and I really want to help. (and I also want to try one of these.)

Here are the details:

It's a ballpoint pen, which is kind of unusual ... I generally prefer gel pens, or rollerballs. But there's just something about this pen. It's approximately 5 1/2" long, the blue part is rubber, so it's comfy, but not it's not padded like the Dr Grip. It's perfectly weighted. I know I could probably get a standard refill, but the ink that came with it was also superb ... it never clotted, the color was a great blue and the perfect weight and it just had an ideal, consistent inkflow.

Do you have any idea who might have made this pen? I've been back to the card shop where he bought it, but they didn't know where it came from. Any suggestions for websites/vendors to look at would be great, also the ballpoint is retractable by twisting the top half of the pen.

I do not have the foggiest idea so I am opening it up to you to unite pen and hand again. Have a great day and thanks for looking.

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