Monday, May 18, 2009

What did she bring me #4 Pilot Frixion

What Did She Bring Me? usually involves asking my wife to go out and "pick up a pen." No questions asked and at this point now she just rolls her eyes and throws a new pen on my desk in a day or two. I think with this one, she was kind of messing with me.

You lefties will appreciate the way these pens are facing. In fact, this might be a first, I usually face my pen points to the left. In this case, it would have made the writing on the cap upside down. (odd) The tribal graphics seem a little out of place to me, but apparently the marketing works, because she bought them.

When I first opened these I didn't notice the little nub here. But I am a smart(ish) guy and I quickly realized that's the eraser (palm to forehead.) Oh... cool, these are eraserable. I should have read the packaging. I had my doubts.

So I took the three pens and started writing "This is a mistake" and then began erasing words. I was pretty impressed with how well the ink just disappeared. I erased these about 10 seconds after writing and yes, that pink is bubblegum pink. My kingdom for some blue ink. It's rare that something in the new pen world impresses me...but this actually worked.

My favorite eraser chewed through this ink with no problem as well. I am not sure if and or where these will fit into my daily pen world. I might actually go back and buy some blue and black to have because these colors are a little strong (by strong I mean horribly bright) for me, but overall, I am glad these showed up on my desk.


Schreiber said...

Hi there! The ink isn't exactly erasable. It disapears due to a thermal reaction - good old spy ink!

Try putting a piece of paper with 'erased' ink into the freezer.
Whoaa! Magic!

Gentian said...

Now you can try the disappearing ink test! :D

Shade said...

I saw a bunch of these on clearance at Walmart the other day when I picked up a bunch of parker pens.
It's worth checking. ^.^

Pam said...

Honestly, I loved the black Frixions I picked up a few months ago. I added them to my usual rotation (I don't have a pen cup, I have a pen BOX) and I have so far used up one pen. Unfortunately for me, I have not been able to find a local source (in Canada) for these pens so when my last pen runs out I will weep its passing (laugh)...

LizB said...

the frixion pens are available at deserres art supply stores. The one in Oakville had a large supply (for the Lady who needed the Canadian supply!)

Have one, love it, the orange is wonderful!