Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pelikan Pelikano Junior

As always, click for bigger pictures...The great people over at Gold Spot Pens (Twitter here) kind enough to do a giveaway and give a few bloggers some Pelikans to test drive. Mine showed up on my doorstop yesterday, I quickly threw in the included cartridge and didn't put this pen down all day. I have owned a few Pelikan piston fillers in the past, but I had forgotten how fun they were to write with and how smooth they are.

Everyone knows there a sheet inside the pen box to write your name on right? This one says "Good pens" and it is mine now so you cannot have it back. Cool feature! So when you close the pen there is a little window that displays your info. You could write "Popsicle" if you wanted.

This pen does not have a clip, but that works for me. I rarely put a pen in my shirt pocket and the raised lettering seems to keep the pen from rolling around anyway. The cool thing is that they are available in 4 colors and nib versions for lefties as well! I love the emails that I get from people saying that "they used that fountain pen in school" or "when they were young." Maintaining fountain pens takes a little discipline and I am happy Pelikan is trying to bring that idea of fountain pens for kids back a little bit.

I was surprised how wet this writes, to me that is a good thing. It lays down a nice fat line of ink that I gladly welcome. The steel nib feels like it could take some abuse without complaining at all when the school kids start using this pen as darts. Saying all that, every fountain pen user should keep one of these in their pen cup and these seem bulletproof. (but I wont be doing any testing of that, these are staying safely on my desk.)


Shade said...

It pretty much is the most durable pen I've had--I've put it through a lot.
Dropped it the first time-nothing broke, just a lot of ink came out into the cap, that was easily fixed.
Dropped it the second time-the nib ben almost 90 degrees. Five seconds bending it back with a paper towel and it wrote perfectly again.
Dropped it a third time-nib half came out of the setting, as I went to push it back in, the nib bent in a way that when I bent it back, it had a little wiggle in the Steel. Currently it writes a little scratchy and I think the tines are rubbing against one another a bit.
But it has survived once-a-week refillings, multiple minor drops on carpet, tile, and hardwood, and we won't even mention the fact that I am severely lacking in a pen case for my fountain pens, so it usually gets stuck into a bag or my backpack.

Tom (goldspot) said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Pelikano Jr. They are a great, fun pen to use for a change of pace. Thank you for the link back and the mention on the review! We certainly appreciate it!

Gentian said...

It is a nice pen! I have a Pelikano and I always found it to be enjoyable to write with. Actually after getting the Pelikano Jr, I like the grip more than the regular Pelikano. The red looks nice!

pat said...

Pelikan Pelikano is the BEST pen ever - I use it (yellow) to the exclusion of all others (Lamy, Padrino, etc.) now, but I need a few more in other colors!