Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parker Vector and site updates

The Parker Vector might actually be my least favorite Parker Fountain pen that I own. That being said, it still is an OK writer and fairly reliable because it is a cartridge filler. I find that I just need to clean it a bit more than my similar pens to keep it smooth.

Parker started making the Vector in 1981 and there is a pretty cool Vector calligraphy set, but overall, I am just "meh" with these. I own a few and and they all put ink on paper, but I have never been inspired or jumped up from my chair and said "wow, this pen rocks and it won't leave my hand till you pry it from my cold dead fingers."

Funky long cartridges that (of course) I refill myself.
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Dedicated readers (actually mostly just my mother in law) have been asking why I have missed a few days of blogging and there are several reasons. Life sort of got in the way last week. I had some red-eye flights and was a little backed up from travel. I also realized after 171 straight days (week days) of posting I needed a few days to chill and catch my breath. Lots of good stuff coming including a giveaway and a new W.D.S.B.M. I am also working on getting this on a real site up and running so I appreciate your dedication.


diysara said...

just remember absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

Kim said...

I love my Parker Vector, but I use it in specific and limited ways. Since the black "unwashable" ink is easily available in those weird long refills, I use one with my checkbook and one for the notes I take when I do my workouts - less likely to get marred by sweat or bottled water that I'm always dragging around the gym!