Monday, May 11, 2009

Osmiroid 75 Piston Filler

Yes, I love my cartridge fillers, but compared to a good piston filler ...cartridges just seem so archaic. The combination of interchangeable nibs and a piston filler makes this a fun little pen to have. Then add in the Fine Oblique nib and you have things that dreams are made of.

Dreamy right? Indeed. Happy belated Mothers Day everyone! There are an estimated 82.8 million mothers in the United States (in 2004.) So let's not make them angry. The could revolt and we all could be grounded for the next two weeks.

This is of my few pens with bite marks, again, if you missed it...I do NOT bite my pens. I picture some angry calligrapher in the late 70's struggling to get invitations done and biting away here. (ew, I am going to go wash my hands.) I had a few travel days last week but I am back in the game.
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Erin said...

Thanks for the interesting post! Could you please show us some writing with this fine oblique nib?

Gentian said...

Angry Callingapher in the late 70's.. that really made me laugh.

Gillian said...

I would really like to obtain an osmiroid 75 piston fill pen, any chance of pointing me in the right direction please? I can only write properly in italics as I was taught this in school in the sixties. love reading yours and other comments on this subject. thanks

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