Monday, May 4, 2009

Cartridge Filled Fountain Pens!

I was doing some organizing over the weekend and part of that was making sure I had clean pens in storage. Crusty inky nibs are not a friend of mine. I started to pile up my cartridge fillers to separate from the other types of feeds (don't ask) and took a quick shot. I probably rely on at least one of these pens everyday and keep an empty cartridge in all of them ready to go.

I clean the cartridges the same way I fill them, after they are done, I turn them upside down, and spray in warm water with a syringe until it runs clear, let dry and pop back in. It keeps from having to search for cartridges.

When motivation strikes I grab the syringe and whatever ink inspires me and off I go with a refill. I usually only fill them up halfway unless i know I am doing a ton of writing or want to keep that pen inked for a while. These are mostly Sheaffer's with a few Esterbrooks and Scripto's included but I love them all equally. (that's not true, I have favorites!) Have great Monday everyone.
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Jim Six said...

I'm not completely clear on what you're doing to clean cartridge-fed fountain pens.

I use a couple fountain pens that use the short, European cartridges and have two pens that seem to just not work.

Can I just flush these pens with a rubber ball syringe to clean them?

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