Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waterman Rollerball

Today is quantity... not quality in terms of posting. When I say everyday (during the week) I mean everyday! I actually use this pen alot now that I filled it with some G-2 goodness and I have to admit during the experiment I have itched to break this one out.

As you can see the point does stick out a touch longer than the regular refills and I think I could hack off an 1/8th inch to make it fit better--- but I do not mind it and the cap still closes fine--- so I do not care. When May 1st rolls around...this will be one of the first non-fountains I use.

Back to the real posting tomorrow!
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wolf727 said...

Hi Seth

Sorry, I am replying to your post 6 months later, but it was only now I came upon it.

I too have a Waterman Rollerball and was pleased to note that you are the first to mention in detail that your pen point sticks out a little longer than the regular refills.

Why am I making this point? Because often I read people's comments saying how great the uni-ball signo 207 is, and that the Waterman can take the uni-ball signo refill (UMR-85 or UMR-87). Yet in my experience the uni-ball signo refill protrudes even more than the G-2 and if I try to cut it to shape then it is too short and moves back and forth when writing.

So I do not understand what they mean by saying the Waterman Rollerball can take a uni-ball signo refill either the UMR-85 or the UMR-87, because it doesn't; unless one doesn't mind it sticking out even more than the G-2 or that it moves back and forth if cut shorter.

To be honest, I do like the fluidity of rollerball ink (not Gel) refills in a Rollerball pen, but I have developed an inferiority complex if I use them. Because I know that the uni-ball signo 207 pen has an ink that is fade proof, waterproof, etc. etc. Whereas all rollerball ink refills do not have that staying power. That is one reason I have tried using fountain pens because of Noodler's ink.

At the moment I have a Lamy Studio and a Pelikan fountain pen. But often I ask myself is the fountain pen all that practical in everyday use? With a fountain pen you have to keep it capped if you are holding it for a while and not writing, otherwise it dries up a little. With Rollerball pens you don't have that problem. And you don't have to worry about damaging the nib and fountain pen nib's are so sensitive. You just can't grab it and hurriedly write something down as you can with ball points and rollerball pens. I use an Extra Fine nib on the Lamy Studio with Noodler's Ink and so it has a tendency not to write as fluid or as wet with perhaps other types of ink, fountain pen nibs and sizes.

I actually did like the feel of the Rollerball ink, but unfortunately they have inferior ink qualities when it comes to fading etc compared to Noodler's and uni-ball signo 207. Rollerball pens are more pratical than the fountain pen. But fountain pens can use Noodler's.

Anyway, sorry to have gone on at too long a length on this minor subject. I'm in a rambling mood. At the moment I am frustrated as to what pen I am to turn to! Thanks for reading this outpour.