Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sheaffer Cartridge with Short Triumph Nib

This pen makes me happy, I am not sure if it is the color, or the design on the cap, or that its an easy to load cartridge filler, or that it's full of rainbows and sunshine (I made that last part up.) Maybe it is all of those things. Whatever it is...It was my "go to" pen today. That little upturn on the nib makes it very smooth.

Yes, that's a Triumph nib on a cartridge filler. I think this one dates to around 1965 or so. It's a true medium nib, I would love to find one of these in a fine (or finer) nib. By the way, that is my Levenger 3x5 card holder I recently found and put it back into use. I forgot how much I love it.

The experiment? I found that it is easier to stick to 1 or 2 fountain pens during the day rather than keeping a stack of loaded fp's ready to go with. When you narrow your choices to pens that you are happy with, it makes decisions a little easier. I miss my pencils though!
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John Johnston said...

Very nice pen! I'm not usually a fan of green, but that color does look nice.

Nrepose said...

I love those Sheaffer cartridge pens. Nice job. Nr

Readymade said...

Heya! Didn't know there were Sheaffer cartridge pens with Triumph nibs other than the Skripserts. Those nibs have been growing on me lately. Do the pens take slim cartridges? If you use a converter what kind would fit?