Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sheaffer Cartridge Pens

You have seen a few of them on here before but I cant stop with my obsession with these pens. They are so simple and so classic that it is a sin to not own handfuls of these. They are out there, easy to find and cheap. Let me know if you need help finding these.

Oh, by the way....Private Reserve American Blue is quickly becoming one of my favorite writing inks lately. I will get a proper review up next week, but I am quickly working my way through the bottle. (Well I have been writing exclusively with fountain pens so that helps) One more light post day and then back to the good stuff.
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Josh said...

I've been looking for one of these and haven't been able to so far. They look great and I've heard nothing but great things.

clem said...

hi! can you write about where to get these pens? thanks!

Anonymous said...

You said if I need help finding this pen you have a picture of here, let me know. Well, I need help! Please let me know where I can purchase one (or more). Please write to my email:
Thank you!