Friday, April 24, 2009

Sanford 20/20

I have always been a fan of sign pens, I know that basically they are just good black markers, but for some reason, I can't get away from them. Back in the day (like March before I started the experiment) if I was on the phone I would always grab a sign pen and a notepad and track my calls/to do's with them.

Doing a little research this pen- is used pretty extensively in the medical world as seen here (here) for people with bad vision. I am not really sure where I bought this or why I have it, but its not bad for what it is... a black fine point, non-bleeding marker. I am also not sure why the directions on the side say "do not shake" and I haven't yet to see what happens. If a genie pops out I will be really pissed that I missed it.

It is Friday which means tomorrow is Ink Link day on The Pen Addict (yeah!) and that somehow another week has slipped by. I will be at the Elmo Makes Music live show if anyone needs me (don't ask) and back on Monday with a fresh pen! I promise to get to the comments/questions and emails this weekend. Enjoy it.
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