Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Moleskine PDA Hacks

So the Moleskine talk has been hot and heavy and I have seen a few tweets about Moleskine PDA's so I thought I would share how I organize my Moleskine life. I use two versions depending on my mood and time. If I am feeling crafty, I grab about 20 pages and make notches down the length of the book with a razor blade to create little tabs to separate my sections.

If time does not allow, I simply grab those pages and use a marker to color a section. Black=work, blue= personal, red=people I should run over with my car. It works for me, I tend to just keep the "chapters" straight in my head.
I am not sure where I grabbed these ideas from and I am positive I cannot take credit for them. But I have been using this system for so long I can't remember where they came from. Googling did not help so if I am stealing any thunder, I apologize.

Click for a better view of the way I cut the pages. Dig in your thumbnail in and off you are to your favorite section! I have also done this on the top of the Moleskine whick looks looks pretty cool as well. I love to write and I consistently try to make my writing world as organized and my computer world. This has definitly helped me.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

I like the color shading on the edge of the pages, I may give that a shot on some of my notebooks, but for now Im carrying my mini moleskine volant with me and with so few pages I dont think that would work so well. :)

midlakewinter said...

You know I am compelled to post this:

bogiesan said...

You know there's a 5-topic, tabbed molie but the tabs are pre-printed with "Bed, Food, People, Sights, and Facilities." If you have one of those slick little label printers, you can easily replace them with your own.

This molie is nearly impossible to find at stores; no one stocks this thing.

david boise ID

inkophile said...

Cool idea. It would work for a lot of other journals, too.

Moleskiners said...

Hey good idea! I can't wait to try it

calimama @ compactbydesign said...

If you feel like carrying 2-10 notebooks check out "13 things to do with a moleskine notebook".

Daryl [WhiteHatBlackBox] said...

Cool hacks. Do you like the tabs or the cut outs better? I totally tricked out my Moleskine Cahier and I love it. :)

Seth said...

Daryl- I prefer the cut out tabs, it just looks cooler. Its a little time investment, but it gets a lot of "wows"

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