Monday, April 13, 2009

The Dip Pen (ahhhh)

Sometimes I crave the need to simplify. To tune out, turn off, unplug. It's those moments I uncap an old dip pen, grab some really good paper and hope that the bottle of ink I just grabbed is full because the doodling will commence.

Did I just see the Burger king Dude with Spongebob on TV? Oh man.
This was another pen that was in my Christmas guest cup and it is one of my favorites. Mindless dip and doodle. Nothing finer.
The experiment rolls on, what I found is that it takes a little more time prepping...before I would grab a handful and need to check nibs and ink levels before I even think about leaving the house.

Anything that can do this with any type of filling mechanism just makes my day better. When your dip instincts come to you like breathing you hit the zone and the gears slowly mesh back into shape. It is simple. Smooth. Interactive.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and welcome to Monday.
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