Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clairefontaine notebook, FPE day 2

What's better than 90 g pH neutral, acid-free paper? Nothing today... it was perfect. Day 2 of my Fountain Pen Experiment and I could not have been happier with my tools. The kind people at Exaclair sent this over for me to play with and it quickly has replaced quite a few of my other notebooks. This one is the perfect size to throw in my messenger bag and go. Zero complaints with my inks either. I am now a big fan of these.

Day 2 of my experiment was...okay...my Aurora was in steady action. My brain still tells me to reach for a .38 G2 but since I had to hide all them from my sight it's been a little easier. I literally was boxing up pens (non fountain) today to get them away from my reach.

Great news, Unposted had the scoop but it looks like the Pilot Fountain pens (called the Penmanship) that I have been raving about are now for sale at Jetpens. I reviewed them here and here. They were one of my most popular reviews and I really hope they offer the EF nib.

Here are the two in action. Great combo that I will be digging back into tomorrow.

And yes, I covered my whiteboards with big sheets of paper today. This might be a little harder than I thought.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Wow! Big sheets of paper on the white boards? Thats impressive. Post-it makes easel sized flip charts that are sticky on the top like post-its. Those might be an easier route. :)

mabeloos said...

they do offer the ef! yey!

Good Pens said...

Great news on the EF point! the clear is sold out!