Friday, April 3, 2009

Be Kind to your pens! Waterman Fountain

I did some work on a Waterman recently and was given permission to shoot some before and afters for you. This one is obviously the before shot. Looks like have we a few years of ink leakage.

Another shot if the crust. Yes, that actually looks fuzzy. Click for bigger views. This might have been dipped in Mint Jelly at one point and then buried underground for a while. (kidding) I know everyone cleans their pens before they ink another one right? (right.)

A simple tear down, soaking, ultrasonic cleaner and some elbow grease was all it took. Here we are all cleaned up, shiny and back in the game. I still need to do some polishing on the body, but the nib looks like the day it came out of the factory. This pen came in a set with a ballpoint and I hope I added a few more years to their life.

Back in the case and back to the owner. This is sort of why I love working on fountain pens. This pen went from sitting in a drawer possibly forgotten being a great writing instrument that can be appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone.
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John Johnston said...

Very nice work! I always like seeing something that has been used and abused restored to like-new, whether it's an old car or a fountain pen.

Nrepose said...

Another fine job restoring an old pen. Looks great. Nr

calimama@compactbydesign said...

I almost wish it had been forgotten about! Unfortunately I knew it was there, hated tat I wasn't using it, just didn't know the best way to get it back to working order. I would use the pen every couple of weeks or months and never knew the best way to store it, if it should be cleaned between usings, etc. etc.
Thanks for coming to my rescue Good Pen Guy!
PS, what's the best way to carry a fountain pen? Is it true it shouldn't be on it's side? Sometimes hard to do when carrying a purse every day.

The Missive Maven said...

What kind of Waterman is that? Is it an optical illusion or is it slimmer than a Phileas?

(Nice work, by the way!)

bilby said...

I have a waterman that looks like that one. Unfortunately, living in a very dry climate, I have not been able to get much use out of it. It dries out in just a day or two. My simple and inexpensive Lamy never dries out. Is there a cure for the drying out Waterman?
BTW my earliest memories of anything to do with art are buying colorful inks in 5th grade.
cheers, bill b.

diysara said...

wow that is an amazing transformation :) *love the visual of dipping in mint jelly and burying in the ground*

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