Friday, April 17, 2009

Back in the game! 7 pens and some ink.

The experiment rolls on...for four days on the road these were my pens, no more, no less. I am not even sure if I used the Preppy or not. The good news is: I did not buy any new pens. (there's no bad news.) It still is a little freaky when someone hands you a pen to use to sign a receipt and you brush it off and pull out a fountain pen to use. People really do not like that.

A lot of these pens were filled with my American Blue that I have been raving about. It's kinda like Bay State Blue without the bleeding, hassle and pen ruining. I have been throwing a drop of black in with my cartridges to darken it up a shade on some pens, but for the most part I use it straight out of the bottle. Thanks for putting up with the light posts this week. have a great weekend!
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S.L. Dixon said...

Great work. Good luck with the rest of the experiment!

John Johnston said...

Wow! You're really hanging in w/ the FP experiment. Good for you!

clem said...

moving to full fountain pen use is what i did after a long time of using gel pens and ballpoints. it's fun, isn't it? congratulations and good luck on your experiment!