Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What did she bring me #3 Bic Mark-it

If you have not seen it before, every now and then I ask my wife (The lovely Mrs. Youhavetoomanypensalready) to casually pick up a pen for me to review, no questions asked. The last one one can be seen here. This time, she picked up some Bic Mark-it Permanent Markers in Ultra Fine Point. Let's dig in.

I have a serious love for Sharpies so this might be a tough one. This view shows that for $5.00 you buy one and you get 1 free at Staples. .21 a pen.... That seems like a good deal.

I started off the testing process with a solid 20 minutes of sniffing these just to be sure they were safe. (kidding, no really, I am kidding.) Colors included Fandango Pink, Playful purple, Deep Sea Blue, Blue Skies Blue, Hot Aqua, Forest Green, Margarita Green, Yellow Blaze, Sunset Orange, Rambunctious Red, Tuxedo Black and Woodsy Brown. What?... wait...No Moulin Rouge? Dammit. From the start it looks like a nice fine point which I thought would be great.

But I have to give the nod to Sharpie. The fine point on the Sharpie is just a little more precise. The Bics are a little fatter and shorter than the Sharpie, although I will admit I like the idea of a grip on these pens. Bottom line, it's a good deal, I am glad I have them and I will use them, but they will not be replacing my Sharpies any time soon. Unless I can't get my hands on the New Stainless Steel...then all bets are off.
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BethKnowles said...

My sister and I argue about these alot. She loves these pens, but I'm all for Sharpie. Great post. Have a wonderful day!

LizB said...

ok, but what's the bleed issue?

I would want to write with these, and with the ultra fine point sharpie pens, they have significant bleed through. BUt do these bics bleed?

Seth said...

Liz- Yes there is bleeding. Remember the scene in There's something about Mary? In the bathroom... with the zipper..."We got a bleeder!!" It's sort of like that.

Debbie Diesen said...

Just ran across your blog. I love it!

I agree with you that Sharpies have a better tip, but I really like the color range of the Bic MarkIts. And, more importantly, Bic MarkIts smell m-u-c-h better. I can only take the Sharpie smell for about 15 seconds. The Bics don't bother me at all.