Monday, March 23, 2009

Wearever Fountain Pen Restoration

Before shot: I spent some time this weekend working on an old Wearever. It was old, grungy, broken and needed some love. Who am I to keep this pen down? Some people will say that this pen is not worth the time or the energy to get back in the game...but I disagree. It's a solid writer and it only cost me a few bucks to get rolling again. I posted a better broken shot here on Thursday.

All it took was a new sac, some polish and a tiny bit of nib work to make this a happy pen (and me a happy owner.) All the scratches polished out (thanks to my new polishing kit.) Click for better views.

Now it is shiny!

Ignore the feathering, its the cheap paper but the nib is very smooth. Who knows...I might have put another 30 years of use into this pen over the weekend and that is a pretty good feeling. Don't worry I will be back tomorrow with the latest new pen that will last me 2 weeks! Cheers.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Nice work, the before and after of the pen are interesting to see if you look at the previous post.

I picked up some of that wax you mentioned too, hopefully I can improve my photos a bit now.

Anonymous said...

I have a wearever pennent pen, is there any replacement nibs i can buy for them? it looks to be the same as yours. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 Wearever Pennants. One leaks badly, 2 need new vacu tubs for the ink. Where can i send them to have them repaired. Thank u.

Seth said...

Shoot me an email. happy to do them for you. Cheap.


Heather O'Grady Rostkowski said...

I have a Wearever Pennant I'd like to learn to restore myself, where do I start?