Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 5 pens I used this week

I do not expect this to be a regular event but I decided to post the top 5 pens I used this week. Simple... right? Sure! These are not necessarily the top 5 pens that I would grab in case of fire, but these were my work horses for the week. This week.

Top to Bottom
-My beloved Montblanc (used mostly for note taking)
-Pilot G-3 (used for my main to do list in a Foray Notebook)
-Sheaffer Cartridge (green ink for whatever)
-Parker 51 (when I have to write something smart)
-Pilot G-6 (with a .4 Sarasa navy blue refill for my notebook as well)

Here are the business ends. I know everyone has their own opinions of what are good pens. For me- price has nothing to do with it, I judge on how they write, how they feel and how reliable they are to me. What's great is that we all have our top 5's. Some people might might have a top 1! More power to you.

Another week in the books, have a great weekend everyone.

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Shade said...

I actually was given a Sheaffer Cartridge filler by my grandmother. It is the only one of the pens she's given me that I was able to fix by myself.
I do like how it writes, though. It's a nice pen. I have some J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage in it with the original cartridge that I cleaned out.