Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scripto Fountain Pen in Classic Black and Chrome

It may look like a Sheaffer cartridge Filler but this one is a little different. Apparently, Scripto is still in business making pens and other stuff. I always liked this pen. The nib says medium, but it is a little finer than that to me.

Scripto is Latin for "I write." The founder of the company invented the mechanical pencil and has been making lighters since 1955. (I did not know that.) The angles are a little off, but trust me...it's a little longer than the Sheaffer which makes me happy to write with it. This is a cartridge filler that I was lucky enough to find a cartidge that fits well enough.

If you have not seen it yet, you can win an original piece of art from Biffy Beans. It's as easy as leaving a comment on her site and tomorrow is the last day-- so enter quickly and good luck!

And finally a shot of the nib. This pen was about $2.00 on ebay last year... I picked it up on a whim and was never dissapointed. Between the Wearever yesterday and this today, I am the master of cheap cartridge filled fountain pens lately. That's ok, these are fun to write with and I would not be afraid to loan this one out. Good Pens.
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Rick said...

I love your handwriting. You should post a photo of the alphabet in "Good Pens" font. Best to you. REG

John Johnston said...

What a great pen! Out of curiosity, what brand cartridge did you find that fit?

Good Pens said...

John_ Luckily, when I got this pen an origional cartidge was still jammed in there. I cleaned it up and syringe fill it now.

Mik said...

Just got one of these cheap at Antiques market I was looking through , need to try some cartridges and see which ones fit.

Anonymous said...

If you still receive these comments, please help me. I need ink cartridges for my Scripto Fountain pen. Where??

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