Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sanford Uni-Ball Grip - Older School

It feels like it is "old school week" here at Good Pens...back in the day, I bought these by the 12 pack...a lot. There was a time where I always had this pen with me. Jordan had crazy ups, Nate Dogg and Warren G were Regulating and I had my's just the way it was.

Times change, tastes change but I still use these- mainly because I have about 10,000 of them. I love the modern versions of this pen as well. Seen here, but this pen still stays classic and works for me. I do a ton of scribbling and doodling with these and am not afraid to bring them on the road with me if needed.

The before shot, I have been doing a TON of work restoring old fountain pens lately. I did some work on a pen for Unposted here and really have been enjoying working on my pens and getting some pens in the mail to work from you guys. Here's the scary before shots. I will get to this one over the weekend and will get some afters out as well.

Have a great day everyone.
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vialde said...

Nice pen. Nice ukulele too, What make is it?

Seth said...

thanks, its the Lanikai LU-21 Standard from Musicians Friend. (great customer service.) Fun little uke.

Mike said...

This used to be my go-to pen, but now they are impossible to find. do you know of any place that they are available?

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