Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pentel Sunburst Gel

I really hope that is just sticker residue on the cap. (Kidding, I am sure it is.) I like this pen, I don't really use it or have a need for it- but when I was shooting it and writing with it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it puts ink down on the paper.

I am not sure if I will buy more or even have a chance to use it, but I almost feel like I should use it now. JetPens sells the metallic ink
versions of this pen and they look like they would be fun for projects.

Sunburst...A season in the Sun. It's all related. I might hold on to this one a little more before I put it back in the drawer. It has a little life left in it and I like being surprised. Now I am off to dig into my pen haul from yesterday!
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

You hit on something there...the sticky residue left behind by stickers on pens drives me nuts...I hate the stickers on the pens, but even more, I hate when you take them off and that gunk is left behind.

Andy said...

Usually, a little bit of rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid and a cotton ball can easily remove residue left by stickers.

Katherine said...

This comment completely gives away my age, but whatever.

We used to LOVE these pens in the fifth grade, since they came in all colors of the rainbow. We used to take notes with 'em.

Also, I vividly remember the sticky residue.