Monday, March 2, 2009

Parker 51 "Special"

I own two of these exact models and I wrote about one in the past so this might actually be a re-post. (Or this could be a new post...depending.)
I have been getting frequent requests for my top 5 pen list and this pen will definitely be around the top of the list.

There are those that say that the Parker 51 might be the best writing pen ever made. That's a bold claim, one not taken lightly...and I sort of could be a lifetime member of the "Parker 51 might be the best writing pen ever made" committee. Make me the President!

Ok, to be blunt...this pen rocks. I can't find bad ink or bad paper for this pen. (That's actually a Moleskin up there without bleeding and being a mess.)

The jewel is just icing on the big inky cake of fountain pens. I do not let this pen too far out of my sight. Lately it's been filled with Private Reserve Midnight Blues and it's the pen I head for when I need to write and not have to worry about the little things that can go wrong with most pens. It's a Good Pen.
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BethKnowles said...

Very nice looking pen. Do you find these online or are there antique/vintage stores near you that carry them?

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Always hear so much about these Im getting to the point where I feel like its not even an option to NOT have one...I should probably get shopping.

Raphael Rosen said...

I, too, keep hearing about these pens. Does anyone know where I can find one? Are there any online resources?

Seth said...

Thanks for the comments, I usually see a few for sale over on the Fountain pen Network or David sells them like crazy here: Ebay is good although make sure you know what you could be getting in to. I have been gathering these for a while and do not buy from just one source. I am happy to help with more advice when you want to buy!