Thursday, March 26, 2009

Parker 21 Fountain Pen and a new giveaway tease

I was due to write about a comfort pen. Like mashed potatoes and gravy, this one makes me happy. Some days I actually need it. When my latest fad pen skips, I grab this one and let the ink flow.

Here's all the working bits. 3-4 squeezes and this one fills and writes perfectly. There's a little rust (or something) on the filler bar and I will get it off one day but for now it stays. It came that way and I gave it the nickname "Rusty" (you name all your pens right?)

The Parker 21's were made between 1948 and 1965. (I love my hooded nibs) I heard rumors of some 21 demonstrators (clear versions) out there. That might be a "have to have" pen for me if I ever see one.

In the spirit of giving, I am giving away the unopened pack from yesterdays post- but to keep it fair, I will wait till next week to post the silly rules. Just an FYI for now.

Twitter has been hot and heavy on the pen talk, good stuff over there, plenty of solid pen people if you do that sort of thing. Feel free to follow.

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Nrepose said...

Nice pen, great pictures and a wonderful review. Thanks for sharing that one. Nr

stev0themarried said...

What ink did you use in this post?

Good Pens said...

Steve, I am pretty sure that is the Eclat De Saphir by J Herbin. Great ink! Thanks for reading.

reubenparks said...

Hey, just off of my 51 purchase, I was able to score a 21 this afternoon. It should be here before my upcoming trip to SF, CA.