Monday, March 30, 2009

J. Herbin Vert Olive inky thoughts.

There's been quite a few reviews lately for the J. Herbin inks and this color in particular. I will not steal any thunder, but Inkophile did a very well documented follow up on the ink here last week and Biffy Beans has a great one as well. The kind people over at Exaclair sent this one over for me to try out.

Speaking of Exaclair, it is confirmed, my Target also has the Rhodia notebooks. That is sweet! Back to the ink...

This ink could be one of my favorite greens out there. My ink reviews boil down to how well it flows in my pens and if I like the color on the page at the end of the day. That's it. At this level...if I get bleeding, shading and all that (to me) they are just by-products of different pen/paper combinations. I have ink that I love in some pens, but that hate in others. I have not found one that I do not like this ink in.

I took some liberties with the olive on the bottle for a quick little drawing. (dotting actually, click for better picture.) I also have kept my Waterman 92 filled with this for the past week and they are very happy together (along with a Sheaffer Lifetime.)
Here's the color, not associated with any paper. The J. Herbin line has really been a good ink for me. I am not afraid to put it in any of my pens and it has been very consistent. Here's a link to the official color page. Oh, by the way, J. Herbin has been making inks for over 300 years, that's alot of time to get it right and they do.
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John Johnston said...

I usually give green ink a pass, but I like the olive. Great review!

Felyne said...

Wow, this colour is really doing the rounds.

Great review. This is one of my favourite colours, although it's a little light for me - I like strong vibrantness.

Sweet review.

diysara said...

target is becoming the place to shop...or at least browse extensively :)

I love olive green and your stipple drawing is great. now i just need to be brave, finish this cartridge and buy some bottles of ink!