Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Good Senator Fountain Pen

This is pen 2 from my Christmas Guess Pen Cup Gift. I poresent "The Senator" (I usually try to say that in a thick Boston Accent)that I believe made under the company name Merz and Krell. Lately, it's been one of my top 5 writers. I love the color and The gold nib adds a bit of fanciness needed in my day.

As always, click for bigger pictures, but the nib says Fine and that's the way it writes. It's a Piston filler, which makes me happy.

Last night I saw one of the local news anchors waving around a chewed up Bic Stick with the clip bent and hanging out in the wind. She could have used a Good Senator to dress things up a little bit. Just my opinion, but if your job involves being on TV, you might want to reconsider a banged up 34 cent pen as your pointing device.

Here it is looking at you. I was unable to find a lot out about this pen company, I know they are German and it looks like they are still making pens, (which is surprising) but it looks like they mostly do advertising pens, which would be sad, because this is such a strong pen. Have a great day.

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Sacred Pauses said...

Eww on TV with a chewed-up Stik. I've been playing around with some of the Chinese FPs finding on eBay (the ones w/ US distributors) and if you catch a deal, shipping and all it's under $10.

Even if it's an awful pen (so far, the ones I've tried have been idiot-proof!) it makes a much neater looking pointing device!

jmk7278 said...

I too have discovered the sub ten dollar chinese FP. As for the senator. Great looking pen. What did it run you ? Want to part with it ? (smile)