Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have Winners!

The was my randomizer. My limited budget kept me from hiring 49 clowns to fight it out until one was left standing to decide a winner so I decided to cut out some numbers....

Then I threw them on the floor and ask my 22 month old son to go pick one. In the spirit of fairness he cannot read or count yet, he has never met any of you and I thought it was funny.

Here we are! After rolling around in the numbers to mix them up, he finally popped his hand up into the air grasping this! His tiny little fingers are holding on to number 7 and the winner is Shade who runs a blog here. Nice!! Congrats. Shoot me your details (address and which prize) and choice and I will get them sent snail mail ASAP.

And for bringing the funny? Lisa S. won that one with the story of catching her dogs "in the act" and then slipping in their poo trying to stop them. I am not sure why that wins, but it just does. Lisa can win the choice of the other prize that Shade does not want or I have a few others in the vault to choose from.

Thanks everyone for the incredible comments. There will be another contest coming up shortly and I appreciate you reading and back tomorrow with another pen.
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