Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tradeshow Pen Surprise

Last day to enter for the giveaway!

As always click for bigger images. My work takes me to some trade shows and I rarely pick up pens, (because generally they are crap) but this one was given to me in a drop bag. I am working on a project that I am collecting pens for (more on that soon) but for some reason I picked this one up to write with. Zip twang!

Some surprises are bad. Like hearing "hey, was that your car?" or "You got tested for that, right?" or your Proctologist calling you up asking if you found his ring. (Sorry about that one.) This pen was a pleasant surprise. It really writes well.

Dissected... we see a no name filler stamped with 07 on it. In terms of writing it is an 07 and normally that's a lot fatter than I like to write with but the ink this thing is laying down makes up for it. We are talking free flowing goodness that makes me just stare at this pen wondering where it came from.

I don't think this changes my mind about trade show pens but this was a nice surprise. Seriously, if you been reading you know I am a pen snob and discourage the use of cheap pens, but this one is a little different. It's a good pen.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Well that is a nice little surprise, I wonder if the ink will hold up for long, or after a few months it will just dry out...I am skeptical that a free pen like that could have no down side. :)