Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sheaffer Cartridge Fountain Pen

So yesterday I inked up an old Sheaffer cartridge pen on a whim and literally did not put it down since then. Usually my choice in pen wanders more than a clown in a 4 ring circus, but I have been sticking to my guns on this one. I wrote about a similar pen back in December, but it needs repeating.

Part of my joy is in the 304 (which I believe Sheaffer considered a fine, (and the 305 was the medium version) nib. It's smooth as silk and with a little twist...

A normal fine 304 nib writes a little finer upside down. You have to be a little gentle, but it works. The ink is Levenger Ravens Black, the paper is just your everyday note pad and the pen is one I not ashamed to use it.

I know tomorrow I will probably wander off a bit, but this simple little pen has been a star lately. These little pens are right up there on my list of solid writers.
Good Pen.

Oh, and without doing a ton of math, I believe today is my 6 month anniversary of a pen a day. Wow. Time flies..

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Nrepose said...

Is that inked eyedropper style? I love the clear barrel. Nr

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog a few days ago and I have enjoyed it very much.Keep up the good work!

Raphael Rosen said...

Just curious: how do you think Levenger's ink compares to Noodler's ink?


Seth said...

NR- Nope there's actually a cartridge in there. Thanks Anonymous and Raphael, I love Noodler's because I have easy access to it at a local store. I am trying to try all the Blue/black combos. I think Private Reserve is still my go to ink though. I usually only buy Levenger ink if it is on sale and mostly just the Raven Black. The bottles do rock though and are great for refilling. Thanks.

Rich said...

I have two of them: a Med and a Fine. It's a breeze to reload empty cartridges. The problem is that the ink won't flow easily.
Any suggestions? I've bathed then in water for days and most of the old ink came out.

Rick said...

I had the fine nib 304 one in the 1970s, wrote hundreds of pages of college assignments and notes. Prefer to use it upside down. Excellent pen for making calculus math symbols--like derivative and integral signs (faster than Word equation editor). Good for drafting, sketching lab equipment and doing schematic diagrams. When the nib dries up, soak it overnight in a glass of water and isopropyl alcohol, then rinse with warm running water.

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