Thursday, February 5, 2009

Private Reserve Copper Burst Ink Review

This is my first ink review and I want to give mad props to everyone out there who reviews ink. It's not an easy thing to shoot or discuss. I picked up the Copper burst my last trip to Bromfield Pens and if you have been reading, you know I have been raving about it lately. It stays in this pen and my copper Esties. It just feels right.

This is as close as I can get on the screen to the color. It's brown, but just when you think its just brown, out flies a sweet copper tone that satisfies. I have had zero issues with any clogging and the ink likes most of the paper I use. This was on 100 cotton paper. I own a few other Private reserve inks and they all perform exactly as I ask them to, It's not bullet proof, but for 99% of my inky needs, they have it covered.

It's a color that does not scream "fun" or "hey look at me, I just mugged a clown and came up with some new ink colors." I like that it is subtle and classy, but gets you out of the black and blue ink tones.

The flex here came from one of my dip pens, that's why in the larger pics, the ink gets a little shady, I was putting a ton of ink on the paper for some of these strokes. The cotton swap above is your best example. when I throw this ink in one of my EF nibs, I am not afraid to use it anywhere. It's good ink.
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Michael Moncur said...

Wow, that's weird. The bottle of Copper Burst I have has a distinct green tint to it, almost like tarnished copper. Maybe I need to get a fresh bottle, because yours looks much better.

Seth said...

Michael- My doesn't seem to have any Greenish tinit, here's the link to some more swatches

Richard Lee Merritt said...

Great review! I totally love this color. I rock the "Copper Burst" and "Chocolat" by Private Rerserve in many of my fountain pens. I almost exclusively use brown toned inks (with the exception of black for more formal documents), and these two colors along with "Brown" by Noodlers Ink are my favorites.


Debi said...

Copper Burst was my first ink and I love it. Somehow now, even swabbing from the bottle, it has a green tint to it. I thought it was my pen at first, but after seeing Michael's comments I'm sure it's the bottle. It is a most beautiful colored ink and flows nicely so I'll have to get a fresh bottle and give it another try.

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