Friday, February 13, 2009

Pilot G-6's. The Happy Couple

Here's the happy couple now, hanging out together like they always do on a Thursday night... watching Grey's Anatomy and waiting for another day of use. Although this couple sports a dark secret. Both of them are hiding Sarasa .4 refills under the hood.
That's right, from day 1, I tossed the .7's and put in my version of dual carburetors. I love the bodies, but the .7 tips? --- Not so much. I wrote about the black one before, but with Valentines day right around the corner I wanted to showcase the duo that is almost always together and in use.

The .4 gives the precision needed for my fine line journals and in the moleskins. These two are very popular with the 3 by 5's as well.

Ahhh, there they are, getting ready to end their night.... I am going to leave them alone and hope that there is a little Pilot waiting for me in the morning. ;)

Finally a few of you have asked, I did not charge Nrepose for working on his pen. I was happy to do it and he sent along some awesome journals as a way of saying thanks. Perfect transaction!

Have a great long weekend everyone.-
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inkophile said...

Love the way you wrote your post. You might be onto something if you get a baby Pilot from the mating. Imagine what you could do with two Pilot fountain pen for your next trick! ;)