Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Penn State University Cross Pen

So here's another pen that I have no idea why I have it or where it came from. Yes, it's true, I have family in PA but as far as I know, no relatives that went to PSU and I was never a huge fan of these thin Cross rollers.

(Go Lions!?!) Wikie says that "At age 82, Paterno is coaching his 59th season on the Penn State coaching staff in 2008, holding the record for most seasons for any football coach at any university." When I am 82, I hope I can somehow manage not to add orange Juice to my oatmeal let alone handle an entire football team.

During the writing sample, in the larger picture you can see where this one gave up the ghost. It also might have been a case of not being written with for a decade or so. Unless I run across a deal on refills, this one will probably go back in the vault.

Some people emailed me about the drying thingy I was talking about for fountain pens. Here it is in all its glory- by glory I mean paper towels jammed into a pickle jar. I just put them nib down and let gravity do its work.

Office Supply Geek posted his recent winner here Congrats! The post inspired me enough that I am putting together another giveaway. (And no, you won't have to guess how many pens are on my desk this time) Good Pens.
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BethKnowles said...

I have this pen in a black and silver ballpoint version with my University's seal. My dad bought the fountain pen version and as far as I know he likes it.

I get it out every once and awhile, but I just don't enjoy writing with it at all. I guess it's more for sentimentality

Seth said...

I feel that way about a lot of my Cross pens. Good but not my cup of tea. thanks for the comment.

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