Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Another Wearever Fountain Pen

First fellow pen blogger Nrepose over at Unposted put up some great shots of some work I did on his Sheaffer Cartridge. I have been doing a ton of repairs lately and it was a pleasure to get that pen back in writing mode for him. Post and pictures here!
He's running a great blog so be sure to keep an eye on it. Good Stuff.

Now to my pen and yes, it's another Wearever, in a few prior posts I went over my love for these pens and this one is no different. I think this one is the Wearever Supreme from the 60's... and supreme it is. This one also has a surprise...

Click the picture, yes that section has a clear feed on it. Lucite I believe. I cleaned it up here for your viewing pleasure. All shined up... it looks great, inked it looks like a clear feed with some ink on it and there's no getting around that. This one now has a fresh sac and is ready for another 40 years of use.

The paper was not a great choice here, but the pen does write very well. With a little Rose Cyclamen J. Herbin we are good to go. I love that they put a hood over the nib copying the styles of the times. It does class the joint up a little bit and we all can use a little of that every now and then. Good Pen. Have a nice Thursday!
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Nice work on the pen for Nrepose, always love to see the great reviews you have here. I do like the hooded nib on this pen, similar to the Lamy 2000 that I want to get one day.

Anonymous said...

That is a Wearever Pioneer, not a Supreme.

Kurt said...

Hey - I have just come across a couple of Wearever fountain pens and I don't know what kind of cartridges or converters I can use with them. Can you help me?


Roshan Reddy said...

I got wearever fountain pens from grand father as a gift. These are really amazing gifts that one can get.

Roshan Reddy