Friday, February 27, 2009

Levenger Fountain Pen

Now that all that silly contest stuff is over, we can get back to the good stuff...the pens.
Here we have another fountain pen that was gifted to me years ago. I wish I could remember what the model name is- but my memory on it is failing.

What's not failing is the pen. It still fills and writes like it's brand new and it's a pen that I like to throw in a coat pocket for a night out. The weight is such that I always know that it is there and it's always ready to write. This one does not accidentally slip out of your has some serious heft to it.

I also love the little star burst emblem on the cap. It's a little detail thing, but Levenger got it right. Congrats again to Shade for winning the giveaway, her ink will be dropped in the mailbox tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone- By the way, Twitter has been hot and heavy with the pen and ink talk, feel free to follow me here if you do that sort of thing.

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redcatbiker said...

It's called the Sir Isaac Newton. I think the design on the cap is based on a cane that he owned.

I have two of these pens, too: A fine point and a medium point.

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

I like that pen a lot...still have not picked up a Levenger Fountain Pen yet, but this review has me one step closer to doing it.

Jeff said...

I own four of the Sir Isaac Newton pens from Levenger, based upon the top of a cane he used. The bodies are black, silver, gold and rust; I have a different color of ink in each.
The pens write flawlessly, and are in their fifth year of service.

Suzanne J. Kamal said...

I purchased one for my husband years ago when he completed his PhD and sadly it was stolen from his office. I've been searching for a replacement and to no avail. I also purchased one for his professor upon his retirement-- the pen had such special meaning to my husband because he's a scientist.

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