Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheaffer "Vac" fountain pen and homeward bound

For those of you paying attention, you know I shot this like on Sunday of last week or something, but do not skip over this post. This is one of my favorite pens. I shot ahead of time to be able to keep up with my travel schedule.

I have a feeling that this pen would make his Holiness swear a little bit. Like "Damn, that's a sweet pen." I restored one of these for someone a few years ago and later I was able to buy one, I jumped on it without any questions. How do you not love black and gold? I need to polish this out a little bit, but absolutely happy with how it looks now and a perfect nib.

Yes, this is the filling system, it's fun, by the way, and not always filled. It's not a special occasion pen but more of a "I want to use" sort of pen. Always black ink in this one and usually bulletproof ink to seal the deal. It is definitely a Good Pen.
Monday will be back to Boston and normal (not drunk) blogging.  Cheers.
Have a great weekend.

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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

You are right, the contrast of black on gold is always very classy looking, although I personally like black on silver just a tad bit more. Very nice pen though. :)

Readymade said...

Hi! Forgive me for being a little pedantic but that's a Touchdown mechanism. If I may go further: that's a sweet-looking Sheaffer Craftsman there.

Sheaffer does have a "Vac-fil" mechanism which is different.

Nice blog btw :)

Seth said...

Nice. Thanks for the comments. Good info!

A.L.L. said...

What's the best way to send a pen to you for restoring? And can you change nibs on any fountain pen? I want fine style and feel like I have medium bold. Maybe I just need to learn to be happy with what I have.