Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Black

I did a mass Sharpie post here, but realized that of all of those Sharpies, I use this one the most. It's not that I need a permanent ink, I just need a pen that works well when I want it. Generally I use it for doodles, lists and always keep one in my bag. I always have one of these in the car as well. No reason why, it's just always one there.

Click for better views, I am not sure why the actual page views looks worse lately. I am considering a switch to Wordpress, I will give everyone plenty of notice if I do that, but I crave a little more detail and a cleaner look and not sure how to get it here without a total makeover.

No, thank you Sharpie, thanks for creating a pen that I trust and know will work. At the trade show this week, (non pen related) I noticed several vendors were handing out Sharpies as giveaways. That rocks. I have 10,000 crappy ballpoints that I will never use from these shows. (and yes, thanks to the Pen Addict I am putting a package together for Pen for Kids. )

Tomorrow will be my first guest pen cup sent in from another blogger for a review. I cannot wait.
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LizB said...

but don't you find that there are severe bleeding issues with that sharpie line? I would LOVE to be using mine every day, but if I write with them, they bleed through every paper I try.

If you don't have that issue, you'll have to let me know what paper you're using!

wal said...

I love the that one too, but do have the bleeding issue. I see Sharpie has come out with a pen that promises it won't bleed - can't wait to try it out!