Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parker Sonnet Mk1

Click for better views. This is the first pen from the Christmas cup post and I really am getting into this pen. I filled it up with some Heart of Darkness and put the 18k nib to the test for the past week and I could not be happier with the end result.

In your hand it's a much substantial pen than it looks here. It has a great weight and feel to it. I haven't seen this color combo before and a quick Google search came up empty on the exact name but it works for me.

I shoot at night without any natural light and am trying to avoid the light box. I switched over to RAW format for these, but didn't do any photoshopping. I think I might need a lens upgrade. Lovely.

I believe this model is the MK1, Parker went with a wider band on the cap with the later models. It's a Good Pen with a fun nib. I will get a writing sample up in a day or two. thanks for looking and I will see you tomorrow. I know I have some unanswered comments out there, I will reply this weekend. -Seth
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Nrepose said...

That is a beautiful pen. You are very lucky. Nr

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Nice...the "Christmas cup" reviews begin! :)

BB said...

Hi Seth, that looks like a laque "Moonbeam" Sonnet, 18k gold nib model 85612 from about 1994-95.
I have several from the first Sonnet series w/ small cap band, all great writers.

Good Pens said...

Thanks, guys- Wow BB- Great info, I appreciate the research. Now my pen has a new nickname. That rocks!