Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest Pen Cup #4

My pens finally get a day off as we have our first sent in Guest pen cup.

My friend Nrepose and fellow pen junkie over at Unposted was crazy enough to send over 2 pictures of his pen cups for me to review. I love this stuff. Yee Haw, let's get started. The Buddha rocks. Buddha says that "A jug fills drop by drop" I say "A Good Pen cup gets filled one pen at a time. "

It's multi-pen heaven here which tells me we are set for "all purpose" and ready for anything that paper might throw at us. Between the stack of 3x5's and the fountain pen ink, there's enough here to handle any situation. I think I have that blue pen in the front and it looks like a nice gold Cross is poking up from the back.

Macgyver would be proud, these two are are just the icing on the well used cake. A nice selection of Sharpies and the VBall RT would be a "go to" for me. Any parent has to appreciate the fathers day mug and cute feet prints in the frame, what's better than that?

What most important is...zooming in... I don't see a single tooth mark. I know from his Flickr page he has a Phileas, but I don't see it in here. Perhaps there's a 3rd cup floating around that I need to see. Good Pens.

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Nrepose said...

What a fine collection that young man has. ;)