Friday, January 2, 2009

Guest Pen Cup #2

I am lucky enough that my in laws have an incredible snowy getaway where many weekends and most holidays are spent. The kids have a great little studio area and this pen cup has been a favorite for all. I appreciate the workmanship and craft that went into these pencils. Actual tree branches, trimmed, drilled and filled with crayon then sharpened to a semi serious point. Cool.

The pen cup has large and small pencils along with a stray pencil that looks like it is from Scategories. I am not sure if this was bought as a set with the barrel cup or not, but it works very well together.

Top view. Crayons or not, these rock and if anyone is interested, I will try to find out where these are from and post later. I also had a major ebay score the other day that I am excited to shoot as well. Have a great weekend.
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